What is the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)?

The TGA is Australia’s medicines watchdog. It is part of the Australian Government Department of Health and is responsible for regulating therapeutic goods including prescription medicine, vaccines, sunscreens, vitamins and minerals, medical devices and blood and blood products.


Isn’t increased TGA regulation a win for safety?

We all agree safety is paramount but sweeping reform like what is proposed must be done in consultation with the industry. Currently products used in supplements must be either “listed” or “registered” with the TGA and are classified accordingly. The proposed changes would see products with ingredients now classified as “low risk” taken off shelves and re-evaluated. A process that could take years wiping up to 70,000 products from the Aussie market thereby destroying 10’s of thousands of jobs overnight and at the end of the day the consumer can still go online and purchase any products they want from overseas retailers which are NOT regulated in any way.


What type of products are at risk? What about protein?

All Australian-made supplemental foods in powder, liquid, capsule, tablet and pill could be impacted including sports supplements for:

Pre and post workout, fat loss, muscle gain, mental performance, stamina, and hormones.

Herbal products such as those for gut health, stress, sleep aids, antioxidants and plant-based nutrient and vitamin blends are also within the scope as well as super foods for example apple cider vinegar, herbals, fruit powders, dolomite and fermented, plant based functional foods.


If approved, what do the changes mean for consumers?

The industry predicts stores will lose up to 80% of products from their shelves and some retailers may be forced to close.

For consumers it means fewer Australian-made products and opens the door to products being purchased online from overseas, unregulated markets.


Can I respond with my own submission to the TGA’s Consultation document on Sports Supplements (Proposed clarification that certain sports supplements are therapeutic goods)?

Yes, you can make your own submission online directly through the TGA Consultation paper by clicking here.

Save Aussie Supplements has made it easier for people to lodge a submission by preparing an Impact Statement people can read and agree with and then provide a short supporting statement of their own.


Can people sign up from overseas?

YES! Everyone, no matter where you live can help grow the Save Aussie Supplements campaign. Letters to MPs and submissions to the TGA though will only be sent on behalf of Australian citizens.


What can I do?

Mobilised your friends and family. Go to Save Aussie Supplements, join the campaign and hit Facebook and Instagram. Share, post and tell your story as to why you want to Save Aussie Supplements. Please use the #saveaussiesupplements




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