10 Daily: ‘Unprecedented’ Crackdown Could ‘Devastate’ Australian Fitness Industry
21 Nov 2019

10 Daily: ‘Unprecedented’ Crackdown Could ‘Devastate’ Australian Fitness Industry

Up to 70,000 products and 80 percent of the Australian supplements market could vanish overnight under an “unprecedented” crackdown on fitness products, the industry has warned.

Manufacturers have sounded the alarm that protein powders, diet bars, meal replacement shakes, sleep aids and even electrolyte sports drinks could disappear from shelves, after the Therapeutic Goods Administration¬†flagged a possible “clarification”¬†which would see “certain sports supplements” classed as medicines instead of foods.

Nutritionist and supplement industry spokesperson Stephen Eddey claims this would be a fundamental and “unprecedented” shift, requiring urgent and expensive changes to products currently sold on supermarket shelves.

For the full story go to 10daily.com.au: https://10daily.com.au/lifestyle/health/a191121ptxfr/unprecedented-crackdown-could-devastate-australian-fitness-industry-20191121 


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