We are starting to hear from your Local Members! Response from Labour MP
19 Nov 2019

We are starting to hear from your Local Members! Response from Labour MP

Thank you for contacting me about the possible classification of some sports supplements as therapeutic goods.

Labor understands that many Australians use sports supplements, and that their production makes an important economic contribution.

Labor also respects the independence and expertise of the Therapeutic Goods Administration, which helps to ensure that the therapies Australians use are safe and effective.

For these reasons, Labor will monitor the TGA’s process on sports supplements closely.

Labor understands that the consultation phase opened on 22 October and will close on 3 December. If you have not already done so, I encourage you to make a formal submission to the TGA via https://www.tga.gov.au/consultation/consultation-proposed-clarification-certain-sports-supplements-are-therapeutic-goods

Labor hopes that the TGA will consider feedback from all interested Australians when making its final decision.

Once again, thank you for writing to me on this issue, and please be assured that Labor will maintain an active interest in the TGA process. Obviously, as we are not the government, we also encourage you to raise your concerns directly to the Minister for Health.

Best wishes,

Terri Butler MP

Shadow Minister for the Environment and Water

Federal Member for Griffith


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